Internet Applications

Web sites are what we see on the ‘net’, but what lies beneath the information, product lists, shopping carts, and online order processing? Databases and information stores that are connected to your site with an online application.

If you run an information service or sell a product, you need to have that accessible by your audience at the click of a mouse button, and web applications are what you need. Integrated solutions that allow your customer to interact, obtain the information they need, purchase your products or services, and bring revenue to your company 24 hours a day.

We will walk along side with you in making technical and far sighted decisions to build and host online applications that enable your web site to be as functional as it is pretty. Web applications can be hosted at our data center with real-time access to your company database.

High class web-enabled application will give you the tools to stay competitive! We take all the pain to ensure that our clients have the best in services which are long lasting, user friendly and have a competitive edge.

The Ekhwan team, with its highly proficient and reliable partners,  leverages the diverse technical talent and experience set of our team to produce solutions that integrate into your corporation’s existing, or planned, information and technological infrastructure. A deep understanding, and comfort with, developing solutions across a broad range of platforms and environments provides our clients with a partner that can truly make strategic recommendations, and leverage existing infrastructure investment to create web-enabled solutions to solve core business challenges. From database deployment to enterprise-wide application deployment, our team will leverage Internet technologies to e-enable your business.

Ekhwan offers a wide range of web development services in conjunction with its partners using innovative technologies and modern tools in variety of application areas:

Custom applications
Database applications
Affiliate and Shopping Cart applications
Auction and Portal applications
Peer – to – Peer applications
Remote Connectivity
Live Data Synchronization
and much more.

With us, you are open for business to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME regardless of geographical boundaries, contingencies and astronomical operational retailing costs. Our payment processing services offer merchants an outstanding global platform to enter the digital economy, cost effectively.

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